HD Wild Cohort 5

HD Wild Cohort 5

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Coalesce Human Design In Your Biz...

This is a year long journey into the depths human design. Learn the nuances of reading a human design chart, while coalescing it with your existing business expertise and become HD in the Wild Certified along the way.

Delve Into You

Discovery more about who you are as a human, entrepreneur and your decision making style. Explore areas of unlearning and reconditioning you may be vulnerable too. Reconnection with your purpose, mission and impact.

Integrate HD Expertise...

Learn the emerging field of human design and coalesce it with your existing expertise to differentiate yourself or become a human design reader. Human design is an multi-faceted tool you can use to gain a better understanding of others.

  • Integrate human design into your practice
  • Become a Human Design Reader
  • Delve deeper into who your are
  • Coach, strategist, service provider or mentor
  • Differentiate Yourself in the Market
  • Explore a better way to support your clients
  • Get a Certification in Human Design
  • Use human design in the wild aka real world

This 1 year training program will support you in mastering human design in a practical and applicable. You can use human design to create a blue ocean in your industry and differentiate yourself in the market. Join the HD Revolution. 

Learn more at or checkout with a payment option => hdinthewild.com

Cohort 5 will begin in July.