HD Unstuck - Understand Emotions, Fears, Anxiety, Triggers, Trauma, & Should's -  Deconditioning

HD Unstuck - Understand Emotions, Fears, Anxiety, Triggers, Trauma, & Should's - Deconditioning

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Let go of the cycle of stuck and say goodbye to the should's, trauma, triggers, emotional roller coaster and holding patterns. In HD Unstuck understand the not-self themes that you are contending with so that you can reclaim your life. End the waffling, emotional sloppiness, fear mongering and should's by understanding the basics of the nervous system through the lens of human design. In this course you will understand how to work with your human design, become aware of your patterns, let go of the stories you are telling yourself and finally get back to the nature of who you are.

  • Create awareness around your should's, triggers, emotional wakes, and fear mongering.
    With a focus on on the pressure (head & root) and awareness centers (anja, solar plexus & spleen) in the body we will delve into where we are inclined to take on energy and experiences that are not our own.

  • Learn the basics of the who, what, when, where, why and how of conditioning. Discover the basics of the nervous system, and how emotions, experiences, fear and anxiety get stuck in the body and hold us back from living our highest potential.


  • Understand your emotional responsibility and the emotional wakes, sloppiness and turbulence you leave behind. Even if you aren't an emotional authority


  • Discover by design (& with intention) the nuance of your natural triggers, should's, not-self, fearfulness, anxiety, and nervousness.


  • Understand the vibrant threads to put down the should's, drama, emotional waves & wakes, fear and cycle of stuck.

  • What's Included
    9 modules, 6 live calls that will take place every other Monday at 3:00 pm ET, community, private podcast and more.

Get Ready TO Know, Embody & Become by gaining awareness, letting go and deconditioning.