Human Design For Business Book

Human Design For Business Book

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Now Shipping the Human Design for Business Book - Learn, Leverage and Live in high definition using your unique human design blueprint.

The trial and error of the one size fits all advice of building a business is old, outdated and going extinct. It doesn’t take into consideration who the person is, their unique strengths and how they actually want to support their clients. This ultimately leaves entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed, overworked and battling the dreaded burnout.

Entrepreneurs are exhausted because they followed the advice of some guru instead of taking into account how they want to show up and serve clients. The reality is many of them are secretly wanting to burn it all to the ground and start over again.

This book is designed to help entrepreneurs dive into the depth of their uniqueness using human design so that they can learn, leverage and live life in alignment with who they are meant to be. It’s time to discover the true nature of who you are here to become in business and life. Get ready to dive into the depths of Human Design For Business.

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  • A signed copy of the book
  • Quarterly HD For Biz Workshops ONLY available when you preorder the book
  • Access to The HD Power Hour happening monthly for all of 2023
  • The Book Bonus Learning Platform coming in 2023
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