Relationship Ecosystem Reading

Relationship Ecosystem Reading

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Do you have a relationship where you are struggling to understand the other person? Have you tried everything and it seems like nothing is working? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the dynamics of a relationship? This is for you. 

In this Relationship Ecosystem Reading, we will explore the dynamics between two people. This will help you to better understand where the pitfalls and synergies of the relationship are, where the not-self themes are likely appearing, and action steps for growth in the relationship.

Each of us bring an energy to every relationship we have in life. It is understanding the dynamics of that energy and how it can negatively and positivitely impact us that determines the success of a relationship. With these readings, I will support you in optimizing your relationship ecosystem andin navigating places of frustration so that growth can happen.

In this Relationship Ecosystem reading, we will uncover where there might be tension in the relationship and strategies for each of you so that you both can better nurture the relationship. We will discuss where each person might being showing up as their not self and how to get them back into their strategy. We will dive into places where there is room for growth within each person and how better to navigate challenges when they arise by understanding how each person is designed to operate. When we become aware of the ecosystem and energetics within our relationships we can better nurture them so that they will bloom and flourish. 

These Relationship Ecosystem Reading's can be utilized for:

  • Team Building
  • Family Dynamics - Parent & Child, Sibling to sibling, etc
  • Partnerships
  • Business Relationships
  • Any relationship where you find yourself struggling

The Relationship Ecosystem Reading includes:

  • 1 - Two Hour reading for up to 2 people. 
  • 2 - Human Design Snapshots - One for Each Person
  • Action Sheet - A Quick Reference Sheet Post Reading for things to keep in mind including phrases around what different strategies might look like in the real world. 



Do both parties have to be at the reading? 

No, you may choose to just come on your own. In fact, in many instances, that is typically the best way to approach nurturing a relationship through the lens of human design.